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All applicable privacy laws will be abided by the seller. No information of the buyer is disclosed and all privacy information is protected. Only for the purpose of delivery, the delivery partner is informed of necessary details alone for effective delivery.


All products, its descriptions, colour may vary slightly due to photographic representation and computer screen. The buyer is at liberty to contact the seller directly and avail detailed description, photographs and information etc., of whatsoever nature required before placing the order for the product.


i. The contents/images in the website are owned by the seller. All rights including Intellectual Property rights are owned by/registered/licensed to the seller. Unauthorised reproduction, imitation, copying, distribution is prohibited without the written consent of the seller save as except for personal use.

ii. Posting of the contents of the site, its reproduction causing any unauthorised use, introduction of virus or committing of any acts that may interrupt with the website is prohibited.

iii. The website is to the knowledge of the seller free from viruses/cookies/or any other acts constituting online offence /malpractice by 3rd parties. However, there is no guarantee and consequent liability in this regard. The buyer shall take its own precautions and exercise diligence. iv. The website may lead to other links/ sites or may contain links leading to other sites which may or may not be related to or in control of the seller and seller accepts no liability in this regard.


The seller accepts no liability under any circumstances whatsoever save as except agreed under this Agreement. In any event, without prejudice to seller’s rights, the seller’s liability shall be limited to maximum of the cost of the value of products purchased.


Any dispute arising out of the transaction and under this Agreement shall be attempted to be resolved amicably by either party causing a request for the same. On failure to arrive at a settlement, the matter shall be referred to arbitration. The arbitrator shall be by a sole arbitrator mutually appointed by the parties. The venue of Arbitration will be Chennai.


The Courts at Chennai alone shall have Jurisdiction to the exclusion of all other Courts.

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