Return & Exchanges Policy


i. All products will be dispatched through an authorized delivery partner.

ii. To ensure effective delivery, the buyer shall submit a copy of a valid address proof to the delivery partner. In case any other person other than the buyer receives the product, the recipient shall submit a copy of his/her valid address proof along with authorization to the delivery partner.


On confirmation of the order, the delivery to locations in India will ordinarily be within 2 to 5 business days.


On confirmation of the order, the delivery to locations outside India will ordinarily be within 10 to 21 business days.


The seller will ensure prompt delivery. However, any delay in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances, government acts, reasons beyond the control of the seller, non-availability of certain necessary components, the seller will not be liable for any such delays. In such circumstances, the buyer is at discretion to either accept delayed delivery or request for cancellation of the delivery and refund of amount. However, request for cancellation cannot be made after acceptance of delayed delivery.


Any product that is made to order, the seller has to procure and handcraft the design to cater to the specific requirement of the customer and the same may be subject to availability. The order will be confirmed and accepted on availability. The delivery for custom made products will ordinarily be 21 to 30 days after confirmation of the design by the seller and upon receipt of payment.

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